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Our Channels We are most active and lively on WhatsApp Group: Pythonistas. We are mostly operating from WhatsApp. Although there are our handles on other platform as well: Whatsapp Join this channel and communicate the reason of Joining and you will be provided the link for specific channels. Some of our WhatsApp based groups are: Pythonistas: For Python lovers | HR\Job n More: For opportunities | College Campus specific groups In total we have 7 WhatsApp Groups as of now. Join Us on WhatsApp Facebook We do have a FB page and group as well. We may eventually move to Facebook or Slack in future when enough user agree to do so. Group, PageGitHub Earlier we were operating out of Civil Machines Technologies GitHub page. We are slowly migrating to our own 101Loop GitHub page YouTube Almost all our events are recorded and presented live via Youtube on Vitartha's channel. Vitartha's channelSlack Email us at contact@101Loop.com or ping on WhatsApp Group to get an invite for slack: 101LoopTelegram Join our channel and ping any admin for the group link: 101LoopGitter Join our channel via 101Loop
Our Mentors The main aim of 101Loop community is to provide mentorship and guidance to those who are in need and don't have enough resource to get it. In last 6 months we have collaborated with 4 mentors for different technical and non-technical mentors and we plan to bring many more
Himanshu Shankar

Divya Tiwari

Mr. Samar Vijay

Mr. Gaurav Talwar
Do you think you can be one of the mentor? Contact us via email: contact@101loop.com
Our Story "I interact with students from various tier-2 city colleges. You can say it is my hobby. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and learning with others. At around May, 2018, one of these student came to visit me at my office. I was happy and surprised also as he came from Yamuna Nagar to almost Greater Noida just to meet me. He told me that he is looking for mentorship and guidance and there is very limited exposure in his college and nearby cities. At that time I knew something has to be done. So I started 101Loop, a community for these people. Very limited community focus on tier-2 cities and that is what makes us separate. Eventually various other people joined us in a very short span of time." - Himanshu Shankar Meaning of 101Loop "Well, I can say that it means infinite loop of 1 and 0, the binary numbers. But it is more related to 101-Highway that goes through Silicon Valley in USA and makes a loop. On map, it almost looks like a 1 with 0 at the top of it making loop. In my company, we developed two products on similar name style, 101Lease and 101Housing. So, that's how 101Loop came to be. Today, I say to all that 101loop shows the never ending infinite loop of Product Development & Career Development." - Himanshu Shankar
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